DigiReactor´s second journey From Idea to Digital Service and Product was launched in November 2022 with enthusiastic group of people. The group consisted of variety of people with different product and service ideas, with different educational and work background and with different cultural background. How on earth we were able to combine these people for the same journey?

For the last four months we have had kickoff discussions, six workshops, small group meetings and some individual discussions with the participants. We shared the participants to two groups: Team Live and Team Hybrid, as presented in the previous blog Going all the way hybrid: a thread or a possibility?

During these events and discussions, we have had with participants, we have learned, that one of the most important things in product development is to share your idea with others. By sharing your idea, you can get feedback for your product or service idea, tips how to develop it further, new ideas and network with similar minded people. Phil McKinney, retired CTO of HP, has come to the same conclusion: “One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is convincing ourselves that our ideas are unique and ours alone. We rationalize keeping our ideas to ourselves because we are afraid that others will steal them, or worst—we believe our ideas aren’t good enough.”

On our last workshop in February 2023 participants pitched their digital product ideas and got feedback of the pitch. Also, possibilities for upcoming accelerator journeys and funding possibilities were presented. Lastly, we focused on the future plans of the participants. It was great to see how this group of individuals have grown together during the journey and some of them are planning to do cooperation in the future related to developing their digital products further, establishing business and mentoring each other. All of this happened as the participants were brave enough to share their digital product ideas. Believe us, you are not alone. (linkki: You are not alone – DigiReactor) Sharing your idea can lead you to great new possibilities.

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Marika Säisä 

Project manager of DigiReactor 

Turku University of Applied Sciences