We at DigiReactor have been blessed. Our goal was to meet and work with interesting people who had their own personal inner calling to make some good things to happen. To reach our goal we created a new concept called Individual Capability Path to nurture and guide our thinking and actions in ways that correspond to the needs of good-willing digital service developers.

DigiReactor was and is about You. You are the meaningful individual in our global society and daily context. You matter. You set the topic, the needs for dialogue, information and knowledge. You formulate the mood around your ideas that attracts right-minded people. And even those persons that won’t let you go easy and push you to think even more deeply that what is really THE problem to love and solve.

So, these activities are not done in a vacuum nor alone. All the discussions that elaborate and evolve the idea are created collaboratively, collectively, on-line and face to face. In DigiReactor you work, or live your dream, with your mentors and ever-evolving team, with your potential customers and friends, occasionally meetings with specialists and experts, researchers and citizens. Serendipity, an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, at its best, by just being part of DigiReactor community.

You are we. We are you. DigiReactor helps you to set the path and next steps, make it visible. And most importantly: give you your first team. Whoever they are, and whatever the team looks like, and how it may evolve, it is your team when you say it.

Now, say it: “My team! My DigiReactor Team!” There seems to be a bunch of us with good will and intentions, business ideas and urge for digital service development out there. That is, persons with cool ideas that need to be expressed, shared, nurtured and developed. Remember, there is always digital service involved in every case. Be a Born Digital Thinker & Actor!

Few articles to feed your imagination and spirit! Keep going!

BR, Antti & Satu

Antti Tuomisto
Turku School of Economics
University of Turku

Satu Aaltonen
Project Researcher

Turku School of Economics
University of Turku