Do you want to become a digital service and product development professional? Expanding product development competencies is done easy! 

We have two sets of coaching and according to your interests and previous knowledge; you can attend to both or just one.

Coaching set “Digital Product Development” is open for everyone. Coaching set “From idea to digital service and product” requires participants to have digital product or service idea, which the participant develops further as part of the development path.

Both coaching sets are free of charge.

Digital Product Development

Coaching set includes six meetings with topics:

  1. Designing user-friendly digital products, service design and accessibility
  2. Digital services as backbone of the business, earning models
  3. Marketing and sales of digital products and services
  4. Digital findability: SEO
  5. Finance of digital product development
  6. Examples on digital transformation

Participants get a certificate of participation.

First coaching set: 11-12/2021
Second coaching set: 9-10/2022

From idea to digital service and product

Coaching set lasts about five months and participants develop their ideas to digital services and products.

Topics that are covered during the coaching set:

  1. Innovation and planning digital product development; time table, tasks, budget
  2. Digital product development testing; user testing, analyzing the results
  3. Digital product and service development
  4. Rapid experimenting
  5. Pitching

Participants get a certificate of participation.

First coaching set: 1-5/2022
Second coaching set: 11/2022-3/2023

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