Sharing is caring – share your digital product idea

DigiReactor´s second journey From Idea to Digital Service and Product was launched in November 2022 with enthusiastic group of people. The group consisted of variety of people with different product and service ideas, with different educational and work background and with different cultural background. How on earth we were able to combine these people for […]

Why to choose agile prototyping to support testing in your digital product development

DigiReactor’s journey has progressed to a stage where some of the participants have started to create the first concrete models of their idea. They are also planning customer testing with their first versions of sketches, mockups or prototypes. As stated in our previous blog posts, developing an idea into a product is a journey that […]

Always have the customer in mind

Have you ever heard of a situation where a product was created but nobody ended up needing it? There have been funny bags for pizza, spoon with a cooling fan on it and a device that unfolds your shirt for you. Big companies have succeeded in this too. Bic made a “Miss Bic” pen for […]