The pandemic brought to the fore new demand for various kinds of new competencies, and the DigiReactor project responds to this demand by creating a digital product development platform. The platform will be facilitated in English, and it will cater to different demographics (wage-earners, entrepreneurs, international students) creating a varied network of digital product development in the region.

The pandemic has challenged both companies and their staff to develop their competencies and come up with new ways of doing business, which match consumer behavior that has also undergone a similar change during the pandemic. The DigiReactor project brings skilled experts to the fore and, at the same time, brings in new digital product development knowhow to help with developing business operations. As a quantifiable result of the project, 100 completely new skill profiles will emerge to produce digital solutions for businesses in Southwest Finland.

In addition to currently employed international students and foreign-language speakers, the project aims to improve the readiness for rapid changes in business operations among immigrant entrepreneurs operating in English by helping them digitalize their operations.

The project’s goal is to strengthen the competencies for developing digital products and services among 100 individuals in Southwest Finland. The training includes the creation of a practical collaborative method for developing digital products and services; one that takes into account the individual’s background and needs as parts of the development process. The method will be recorded in a digital guide to support the growing and increasingly fast digital product development needs of micro enterprises and SME’s as part of the larger trend of digital transformation.

As a qualitative result, a digital product developer’s handbook will be created in two languages. The guide compiles our experiences with successful implementations of the digital shift in a networked environment. Activating companies and talents results in more stability and hope in securing the continuity of business operations and work through digital product skills. In the long term, DigiReactor’s impact will mostly be felt in the cultural shift that emphasizes collaboration and openness.

DigiReactor application

The pandemic raised a new demand for various new skills, and the DigiReactor project responds to this demand by creating a digital product development platform. The platform is implemented in English and serves different population groups (salaried employees, entrepreneurs, international students) and creates a versatile digital product development network in the region. 

Application  is developed by the students and employees of Turku University of Applied Sciences and published by TUAS project office theFIRMA. 

Application is now available in Google Play Store! 

Scan the qr-code or click the link below to download the application. 

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The project is done in co-operation with Turku University of Applied Sciences, University of Turku and Turku Business Region. Project operates 1.9.2021 – 31.8.2023 and is funded by European Social Fund. The funding is part of Covid-19 pandemic related actions by the EU.