Ignite the spark of digital product development and strengthen your idea with others

DigiReactor has started the second digital product development coaching set with six new events. We have already had two events where the speakers were experienced experts with interesting presentations about digital services and earning models, after which we jumped directly into the world of designing user-friendly digital products and services. The aim of these events […]

How to get your customers to pay for your digital product?

There are many exciting things in digital product development, such as defining the problem to be solved or innovating technical solutions and appealing user interfaces. However, the way you plan to make money with your product has an impact on every other phase, and therefore, you should also know something about monetization. Monetization is the […]

They say ”Love the problem – not the solution!” – what does it mean?

So far, we have heard the slogan “Love the problem – not the solution!” already in two of DigiReactor’s morning events. Anssi Rantanen and Ali Jahangiri both talked about that – and they were perhaps not the only ones. “Love the problem” – what does that really mean? Problem is usually something that we want to get rid of […]