DigiReactor has started the second digital product development coaching set with six new events. We have already had two events where the speakers were experienced experts with interesting presentations about digital services and earning models, after which we jumped directly into the world of designing user-friendly digital products and services. The aim of these events is to inform and inspire participants in all the different aspects of digital product development. The content of the coaching sets is created to help anyone with an idea and passion to make it happen, step by step.

The ongoing coaching set offers you a possibility to hear inspiring and skilled experts talking about digital product development. After that, we have another coaching set where participants get to develop their own digital service ideas with a practical training and experienced mentors. The practical coaching set starts in November and participants should have a digital product or service idea, which the participant will develop further as part of the development path. A product idea can be something new or it can be an improvement on something that already exists.

The series of events with speakers has already started this month, but no worries, there is still plenty of time to participate on Thursday mornings and to prepare a product idea and sign up for the next stage.

Customer centricity and the need for cooperation in business development have not only emerged in the themes of the speakers. We have witnessed many good discussions with the participants and the need for group’s support has come up several times. Some of the participants are alone with their great idea, for whom the next steps may be a bit unclear and resources are tight. Success and business growth is created through viable digital products. Developing a digital product demands a some kind of strategy with goals and direction, but what does it really take to build customer-centric products that create consistent value for customers? Are you asking the right questions in the right way? Well, we want you to know that you don’t have to wonder about these things alone, because there are people around you with whom you can plan and evaluate things together.

You need to find out what your potential users think, feel and do to build enough use cases to support your understanding of your client. Scenarios are based on the research so go and explore people’s problems, needs and expectations. Talk to your potential customers and design your product together with them and others around you. Sometimes testing ideas or asking for comments from real customers may seem difficult and situation can easily hold back your development work. You may think that your product is not ”customer ready” or you may feel that your own skills and knowledge are not sufficient for a conversation with experts. But remember that working and socializing with people helps you find ways to carry out the development and testing more lightly, and also with better knowledge and data.

So don’t be a lone stranger. Come and join the DigiReactor event next Thursday. We are ready to help you take your idea forward and we’ve set aside some time for discussions so you can meet people and share your product idea. By participating in DigiReactor’s coaching sets, you can easily get support in developing your idea into a digital product or service. Read more from DigiReactor’s social media and remember to sign up for future events. We’ll see you at the breakfast session next Thursday morning and if you already have your own project idea, register and reserve your spot in our hands-on coaching set later this year.

Tero Vahanne

Project Engineer

Turku University of Applied Sciences