Many of you have already used LinkedIn. It is a social networking platform mainly for professionals, which has been designed to connect professionals and allow them to network, share knowledge, and find new opportunities and ideas. You might have used it to manage your growing network or to connect with some interesting organizations and persons. But how could you use Linkedin during your digital product development journey?

Market Research: You can use LinkedIn to connect with professionals, join relevant groups, and follow influencers to gain insights on trends, needs and news of your target groups. This information can help you when planning your product features, pricing and marketing.

Networking: You can use LinkedIn to connect and network with potential partners, co-developers, enthusiastics, investors and collaborators. By building a strong network, you can open new gates into new possibilities. You can exposure your digital product idea and get even better ideas or even find people that can bring your idea to life.   

Marketing: You can promote your product or your idea. You can use it to share updates about your product development progress, showcase your product’s features and benefits, and engage with your target audience.

Seeking Feedback: You can connect with people from different industries and ask for their opinions and thoughts. You can also join interesting groups and post about your digital product idea and as for feedback there.

If you are uncertain of using LinkedIn to test your idea or using it in some other way, you should take it slow. Maybe just create a profile with basic information and connect with people you feel know and feel comfortable with. You can also expand your network slowly and organically. You should also familiarize yourself with the privacy settings and control who can see your profile and activity. If you feel still uncomfortable using LinkedIn, seek guidance. Ask people who are experienced users or use tutorials, webinars, articles… There are a lot of information out there.

It is also important to keep your focus clear – why are you using LinkedIn.

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Reetta Raitoharju