Inspirational and eye-opening talks, interesting discussions and inspired participants. Those were the main things that came to mind when thinking about last fall’s DigiReactor event series.

The first round of DigiReactor events in fall 2021 was a great success. There were a bunch of exciting speakers like Anssi Rantanen, Ali Jahangiri and Oki Tåg with interesting topics like “Digital services as the backbone of the business and potential earning models” and “Marketing and sales of digital products and services”.

It was great to see so many people interested in developing their digital product development skills. Throughout our six DigiReactor events we had people attending from various backgrounds some of whom have continued this spring to our “From idea to digital service and product” workshops where participants will develop further their own digital product or service idea. 

If you couldn’t participate in the first round of DigiReactor events, don’t worry, there will be another set of events during fall of 2022. The agenda will be the same as with the first set of events, we will bring forth experts who will provide valuable knowledge and insight into digital product development.

If you are interested in developing your digital product development skills make sure to stay tuned for our DigiReactor event series next fall. With the experience we got last fall we will expect to make it even better.

Elias Savonlahti
Community Manager
SparkUp Startup Community

DigiReactor is funded by European social fund. Project started on 1.9.2021 and will end 30.6.2023.